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Jerry Sires & the Bucolic Plague

Saw a fun and very collaborative and tight band with a closing song called I found a trailer that matches my truck. I love Artz. When in Austin y'all stop by Artz Rib House.
A review:
Jerry Sires & the Bucolic Plague have been around for a while, but are unknown to lots of folks. This is a shame, because they are a talented bunch and fun to hear. As the band name implies they don't take themselves too seriously, but they do take their craft seriously. They play "infectious" country music and western swing. They combine the traditional with the whimsical to good effect.

The band is comprized of both seasoned veterans and young talents. Jerry Sires leads the band and writes many of the songs the group performs. He is smart enough to let the younger songwriters have their turn in the lime light, too. Dean Stinsmuehlen on bass and harmony vocals and the multi-instrumental Greg Lowry on lap steel, accordion, harmonica, banjo and other strange devices have both been on the music scene for years and you will see their credits on many a CD. Hank Williams (no relation) plays guitar, sings and writes, as does Garreth Broesche who plays mandolin and the fiddle. These two young fellas can be heard in a number of other bands around town. Steve Stratakos plays drums and tennis with Jerry.

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