honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

day one unemployed

I went to my NIA dance class then went to the office and forwarded all old sent emails that I might need and then went to the art library and looked at art articles in journals to which I might submit my articles gleaned from the dissertation. I got a reply back from my collaborator for the proposal from the College Art Association with some good revisions. I edited my letter to Ringling which I will send on the morrow. I set a date, thursday with Sandy to revise her letter of recommendation to send to the Columbia post docking station.

OK -> and THEN I went shopping.
I went to TJ MAXX and Ross and had a ball! I got a new purse - the EXACT thing I went for along with a new bra and some undies.

On Sunday Isaw the new Bob Dylan movie, Masked and Anonymous, with my friend and RTF professor Janet -- our shared opinion is the film was SO GOOD and that Dylan is amazing.

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