honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Liz is back

Liz is an amazing NIA teacher and she's back for the tues & thurs morning classes. Her classes are very stong and sensuous. I feel very stong and inspired to make bigger artworks with all my body mind & spirit getting into the act. The grandness of the mail art network and my lack of time and space usually make me quite satisfied to do small artworks for the mail but I think I might do some biggies while I'm art job hunting. I'm also lusting after the $177 48 half-pan Sennelier watercolor set. I do have lots of watercolor but not all those colors. I ordered some of their YUMMY oil pastels recently. Liz was at an urban retreat in Portland and they combined movement and art. I hope to find out more about that. Maybe even write an article :-) I posted the idea that the ACTLab should have its own academic journal and drew davidson picked up on the idea and we've been cooking on up via email over the last few days and voila! There's going to be a journal. I think it will be called @play and be about new media and cultural studies, or as I call it transdisciplinary bourhaha. Got to go to the office and work on EMMA.

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